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About Us

Old Souls New Adventures follows our large, blended family of 9 as we navigate through life. Follow along with us (Shane and Jenn), our 5 children, Shane’s mom and our niece as we learn, grow, experience and of course, ADVENTURE!


The idea behind Old Souls New Adventures began when we first met. From the beginning we knew that we were destined for great things together. True soul mates, we began hatching idea after idea and realized that together we were an unstoppable team. Combining forces with Shane’s mom (Grammy) and niece, we decided that our life path was leading us to a self-sustainable lifestyle.


Although we live in the city, in a 3/1 rental, we dream of owning a farmstead one day; a family compound that produces everything we need to survive.  We plan on documenting our entire journey to sustainability, while keeping our cookie business and Grammy’s yarn dying business operating and flourishing. Oh and did we mention we’ll be homeschooling all the kids too?


You will get a peek into our everyday life as we blog and vlog about things such as, cooking and baking, gardening, DIY, arts and crafts, home school, kids, babies, animals (especially snakes and reptiles), custom decorated cookies, hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn, knitting, running our businesses, hiking, camping, prepping, survival, and ultimately through-hiking The Appalachian Trail.


Our plan is to teach our kids the hardworking, productive and sustainable values we were taught growing up. However, we want our family to experience the “New Adventures” of a completely different and ever-changing world from which we were raised. We are the “Old Souls” and we hope that you will come along with us on this journey.  This project is very special to us and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!